Stafford Agriculture

Stafford Agriculture provides fund management services to institutions seeking exposure to global agriculture. These services are offered in the following ways.

  • Advisory – providing support to internal client teams who are initiating, managing or divesting global agriculture portfolios. This includes building tailored portfolios with or on behalf of clients, providing the exposure appropriate using geography, vintage and production type.
  • Fund of funds – benefitting from the critical mass that provides investors with the ability to access the best opportunities available, regardless of their size. We target a globally-diversified portfolio of row crops, permanent crops, dairy and beef opportunities. Investments are selected on the basis of macro agriculture trends, country and regional comparative advantages and tested operational management models. There is significant diversification by manager, production type, geography and management style. We favour strategies where biological growth and achieving productivity enhancements will be driving performance, rather than a reliance on land price appreciation.

We are able to access unique investment opportunities identified through our global network and local partner insight. It is managed by a team of experienced industry professionals with exceptional backgrounds in agriculture, farm advisory, fund management and sustainability.

We gain our exposure to agriculture through a range of methods:

  • by providing liquidity to Limited Partners in existing agriculture funds through the secondary market,
  • as an additional source of equity for agriculture managers through co-investment opportunities, and
  • as a source of equity for new agriculture funds

The main focus of our investment activities is on Australasia, North America and to a lesser extent Latin America. With the opening of our Latin American office, these are all regions where Stafford Capital Partners has a local presence with one or more offices.


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