Co-Founders and CEO

The founding partners of Stafford Timberland and Stafford Private Equity, now trading as Stafford Capital Partners, had the vision to create a global alternative asset management firm unlike any other. Meet our co-founders and CEO.

Richard Bowley, Founder

Richard co-founded Stafford Timberland and co-developed Stafford Private Equity’s initial international expansion plan. Prior to this, Richard was CEO of Pantheon Ventures.

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Geoff Norman, chairman and founder

Geoff co-founded Stafford Timberland and Stafford Private Equity. Prior to this, he founded Pantheon Ventures’ Asia Pacific operations before it was acquired by Pantheon.

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Stephen White, founder

A former executive with Macquarie Bank’s Asset Management Division where he established its global private equity program, Stephen White co-founded Stafford Private Equity.  

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Angus Whiteley, ceo

Serving as Group CEO, Angus oversees management of Stafford Capital Partners’ service lines and continued international expansion programs. He is also co-founder of Solon Ventures, a venture capital firm.

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