Stafford Sustainable Capital

Stafford Sustainable Capital believes that resource scarcity and climate change are driving businesses to implement sustainable solutions, which in turn enables them to be more productive and profitable. This transition to sustainable business models crosses industries and we believe creates significant investment opportunities. Our long-term involvement and commitment to this sector enables us to provide superior investment opportunities for clients.


Stafford Sustainable Capital works closely with its clients to develop and implement highly customised sustainable private equity portfolios seeking to capitalize on opportunities to invest primarily in growth and buy-out stage private businesses that are generating value by contributing towards the transition to a sustainable economy.

We operate a number of advisory mandates on behalf of institutional clients.  Our sustainable capital advisory mandates are highly customised to meet individual client requirements, and often include a combination of primary, secondary, and co-investment commitments.  We undertake a rigorous due diligence review and screening process to ensure only high quality private equity opportunities with a focus on sustainability are included in our clients’ investment vehicles.  We have strong networks throughout the sustainable capital and private equity community which ensures we have good access to co-investment deal flow and secondary opportunities.


We operate a number of sustainable capital private equity fund of funds.  Fund of funds are an excellent way for investors to gain a diversified exposure to sustainable capital opportunities. Our fund of funds look to access sustainable capital opportunities first through the secondary market, but each fund contains exposure to a number of high quality sustainable capital private equity managers, including mangers who have historically limited access. 


Stafford Sustainable Capital through Stafford Capital Partners is proud to be a signatory to the PRI.


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