Stafford Private Equity

Stafford Private Equity works closely with its clients to develop and implement highly customised private equity advice and programs, at very competitive fee rates.

Private Equity Advisory Mandates

We operate a number of advisory mandates on behalf of institutional clients.  Our advisory mandates are highly customised to meet individual client requirements.  We undertake a rigorous due diligence review process to ensure only high quality private equity managers are included in our investment vehicles.  We have strong networks throughout the private equity community which ensures we have good access to co-investment dealflow and secondary opportunities.

Private Equity Fund of Funds

We operate a number of private equity fund of funds.  Funds of funds are an excellent way for investors to gain a diversified exposure to the private equity asset class.  Each fund of fund contains exposure to a number of high quality private equity managers, including some limited access managers.

Private Equity Program Reviews

Private equity programs are often developed over a long period of time, and can contain hundreds of fund interests and thousands of underlying private company exposures.  We can provide a detailed private equity program review to help clients understand where their exposures lie, and to suggest potential areas for program development.  Reviews typically look at total program exposures by vintage, geography, manager, style, amounts undrawn, in place NAV and many other criteria.

Legacy Program Management

Sometimes private equity programs can become fragmented, resulting in many small tail-end exposures to private equity funds.  Stafford Private Equity can provide a simple administrative solution to clients that can allow them to focus on making new, larger commitments without having the distraction of a large number of small positions to monitor.

Private Equity Research

We regularly undertake research projects and provide our views on private equity market trends.  If you would like to receive our research reports, please contact us.


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