Stafford Capital Partners awarded USD 35 million mandate from the Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawaii

January, 2017

Stafford Capital Partners (“Stafford”), a leading private markets investment group with a global presence and USD 4.5 billion under management and advice, today announces an additional allocation of USD 35 million to the Hawai’i Targeted Investment Program (“HITIP”) awarded by The Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawai’i (“ERS”)

Andrew Betz, Investment Manager commented “We would like to thank the ERS for the trust they are placing in us by allocating more capital to the HiTIP. Through the hard work of many people and organisations, the start-up ecosystem in Hawai'i has grown significantly since 2009, when the HiTIP began investing. With the launch of this second fund, we look forward to partnering with the various stakeholders to maintain and grow the HiTIP’s role as a source of investment capital for the Hawai'i economy.”

Further details available using this following link to a press release reproduced with permission: ERS Announcement