Stafford Capital Partners announces the launch of its global agriculture investment strategy

August, 2015

Stafford Capital Partners (“Stafford”) announces the launch of its global agriculture investment strategy. This initiative builds on Stafford’s capabilities and expertise in timberland investing, where it is managing and advising USD 2.1bn of assets on behalf of professional investors.

To enter the agriculture sector Stafford has teamed up with EBG Capital AG, a Zurich-based environmental investment firm, which brings specialist agricultural expertise, a global partner network and links with highly-respected local operators in the sector. This deep sector expertise working alongside highly experienced investment professionals is a model reflected across Stafford’s business.

Angus Whiteley, Stafford’s Group CEO, commented: “We have been following the developments in the agriculture market for some years, and have decided that now is the right time to offer institutions the opportunity to invest in a low-risk, well-diversified portfolio of agriculture assets. Our experiences of sourcing secondary fund investments, and making co-investments alongside the top tier managers we support are key elements of delivering this solution. We are delighted to be working with Bernd and his team in launching Stafford Agriculture.”

We believe the agriculture sector offers an attractive combination of a low correlation with other asset classes and returns based on biological growth, providing income and growth to its investors. Stafford’s strategy will replicate what has worked well for Stafford Timberland team’s investments over many years, with a goal of offering a globally-diversified portfolio of investments across the different forms of agriculture.