Team By Location


Dan Bowden
Partner, Stafford Private Equity


Danyelle Guyatt
Independent Chair,
Stafford ESG Committee


Graeme MacLaren
Independent Chairman, Stafford Compliance Committee

Duncan MacLeod
Investment Manager, Stafford Timberland


Jenny Nitschke
Operations Accountant, Stafford Global Operations

Geoff Norman
Chairman and Co-founder, Stafford Timberland and Stafford Private Equity

Daan Oranje
Partner, Stafford Timberland

Chris Packwood
Operations Manager, Stafford Private Equity

Dan Rocca
Investment Analyst, Stafford Timberland

Dominic Tayco
Partner, Head of Compliance, Stafford Private Equity

Stephen White
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Stafford Private Equity

John Zaknic
Investment Manager, Stafford Infrastructure


James Allen
Investment Manager, Stafford Agriculture

Stephen Addicott
Partner, Stafford Timberland


Monica Black
Office Manager, Stafford Global Operations

Richard Bowley
Co-founder, Stafford Timberland and Stafford Private Equity

Vince Cao
Partner, Finance Director, Stafford Timberland

Iain Elgin
Investment Analyst, Stafford Timberland

William Greene
Partner, Stafford Infrastructure, Stafford Sustainable Capital

Michael Goodfellow
Financial Accountant, Stafford Timberland


Marek Guizot
Investment Manager,
Stafford Timberland


Theo de Jager
Group Operations, Stafford Global Operations

David Lindsay
Partner, Stafford Infrastructure

Stacey Mansworth
Marketing Manager, Stafford Capital Partners

Dr. Ingo Marten
Managing Partner, Stafford Infrastructure, Stafford Sustainable

Jane Murphy
Finance Manager, Stafford Timberland


Jonathan Netto
Finance Assistant

Lucy Nicholls
Partner, Stafford Private Equity


Daniel Pye
Finance Manager, Stafford Global Operations

Dr. Bernd Schanzenbacher
Managing Partner, Stafford Agriculture

Geoff Singleton
Advisor, Stafford Capital Partners

Jean-Pierre Sweerts
Advisor, Stafford Infrastructure and Sustainable Capital

Angus Whiteley
Group CEO, Stafford Capital Partners



Andrew Betz
Investment Manager, Stafford Venture Capital

Erica Bushner
Advisor, Stafford Private Equity and Venture Capital

Carter Coe
Principal, Stafford Timberland

Ian Deas
Partner, Stafford Private Equity


Michelle Ewart
Head of Business Development, North America, Stafford Capital Partners

Dr. Miguel Fabra
Investment Manager, Stafford Timberland

Kurt Faulhaber
Partner, Stafford Sustainable Capital

Rick Fratus
Partner, Stafford Infrastructure, Private Equity, Sustainable Capital and Venture Capital


Tom Goodrich
Partner, Stafford Timberland

Matthew McPhee
Partner, Stafford Infrastructure


Shan Singh
Investment Analyst, Stafford Sustainable Capital and Stafford Private Equity

Craig White
Partner, Stafford Private Equity